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Most Affordable Couch Cleaning Services In Melbourne

We're a team of professional and knowledgeable sofa cleaners in Melbourne. We offer specialist cleaning services for sofas around Melbourne and its suburbs. We cater personalised services which are best suited as per the unique needs and preferences of our customers. Our services improve the life of your upholstery by giving the best couch cleaning services in Melbourne. Couch cleaning Melbourne uses 100% eco-friendly cleaning solutions to clean your expensive couch.

Our advanced cleaning facilities include steam cleaning, dry cleaning of the couch, removal of the rug, removal of the mould from the couch, deodorising of the couch, deep cleaning of the chair, steam cleaning of the chair and more.

We have the expertise and experience of supplying our sofa-cleaning items in households, residential complexes and large commercial establishments in Melbourne. Our workers are well trained to remove all kinds of dirt, dust and allergens with the utmost respect.

Rejuvenate your leather or linen upholstery today. Couch cleaning Melbourne offers f ully trained and certified sofa cleaning experts.

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    At Regal Couch Cleaning we also include cleaning the sofa, cleaning the couch using steam, dry cleaning the couch , cleaning the leather couch, cleaning the home upholstery and car upholstery.

    We deliver round-the-clock couch cleaning services in Melbourne. All you need is to do is call us on 0488 851 003 to get a personalised quote and we'll get to your homes or office for the services!

    Is It Necessary To Employ A Competent Couch Cleaner Of Couch Cleaning Melbourne?

    Your couch is the most valuable thing in your house. Sofas are also a massive investment for any home or office. Your couch is made of fragile and elegant material. Generally traditional cleaning methods at home are insufficient to clean the sofas efficiently and there is often a possibility of harming the cloth, finishing and fabric. Which is why it is required to opt for professional cleaning facilities for couch every now and then.

    Leather Couch Cleaning Melbourne

    Yes, couch cleaning Melbourne too offers leather couch cleaning services. We know that leather couch ranges are costly and require special treatment. We use various leather couch cleaning methods on a particular category of leather to deliver you the maximum result while maintaining that the elegance of your couch is still the same. The extra treatment potentially prolongs the durability of your investment.

    Stain Removal Couch Cleaning Melbourne

    Couch cleaning Melbourne provides a wide variety of cleaning service for couch stain removal. No matter how rough or tough the stain is, it can be handled by our cleaning professionals very easily. We should handle all sorts of stains. We use eco-friendly cleaning solutions on your couches to ensure that there are no allergies to skin or hygiene. Our reliable cleaning systems play a vital role in cleaning your couches extensively.

    Couch Cleaning Melbourne- Steam Cleaning

    Couch will experience stains and absorb soil, dust and debris every day. It's important to follow up on regular upholstery cleaning from periodically. Couch cleaning Melbourne will provide you with a steam cleaning service for upholstery. Couch steam cleaning is a new and sophisticated technique for cleaning upholstery and avoiding stains and germs. We would use the new industrial steam cleaners to produce improved couch cleaning efficiency.

    Timely and Reliable Couch Cleaning Melbourne

    Normally, we finish all of our washing process very easily in 2-3 hours. Although the time taken will depend largely on the amount of work involved, the extra care required for the cloth of your sofa and the cleaning procedure you have taken.

    Couch Cleaning Melbourne Charges For The Services

    Couch Cleaning costs determine the type of services you need. Our regular price for steam couch cleaning is about $25 per chair. However, extra costs would occur for couch stain protection, Scotchgard fabric, sofa stain prevention and anti-allergic fabric care facilities.

    Couch Cleaning Melbourne Offers Different Services:

    1. Sofa Arms Steam Cleaning
    2. Inside Arm Cleaning
    3. Outside Back Cleaning
    4. Seat Cushion Steam Cleaning
    5. Electric Lift Recliner Steam Cleaning
    6. Back Pillow Upholstery Cleaning
    7. Seat Cushion Steam Cleaning
    8. Leather or Fabric Couch Cleaning

    Couch Cleaning Melbourne Provide All Kind Of Leather Or Fabric Stream Cleaning

    We specialise in all types of couch fabric & all kinds of couch cleaning services in Melbourne.

    • Wool

    • Polyester

    • Linen

    • Microfiber

    • Leather

    • Cotton
    Regal Couch Cleaning

    Couch Cleaning Melbourne- Armchair Washing Service

    Are you looking for the right cleaners who can return your upholstery to its excellent shape? Whether it is, turn your ways to us. We have a team of certified technicians providing the right option for the cleaning needs of your armchair, sofa and mattress cleaning. Couch cleaning Melbourne knows how to treat various materials and clean them without harming them. So what are you looking for? You can call us for best couch cleaning service in Melbourne.

    Micro Suede Couch- Couch Cleaning Melbourne

    Micro suede couch looks stylish as well as easy to clean and preserve. Moreover, it is not readily dirty as the materials of the micro suede couch are woven so closely that they repel stains and do not allow soil and debris to settle in. But even with repeated usage, the sofas get filthy and after a defined period of time, involve a detailed cleaning procedure.

    Couch Cleaning Experts in Melbourne

    Couch cleaning Melbourne is a name known for great best cleaning services provided at competitive prices. We're the preferred one for thousands of Melbourne customers. We offer the best and finest sofa cleaning services to our domestic and industrial customers. couch cleaning Melbourne offer services in Melbourne suburbs and have more than Twenty years of business experience. We work tirelessly to give our customers an unique and completely unforgettable cleaning experience every time they chose us for their couch cleaning services.

    We have full sofa treatment options for your couches including stain removal, repair of water damage and sanitation, etc.

    Leather Couch cleaning in Melbourne

    Couch cleaning Melbourne provides a wide variety of leather furniture & security services. Improve the appearance of your furniture upholstery by eliminating any signs of bacteria and mud. Chemical barrier coating is added to our leather upholstery cleaning experts after steam upholstery cleaning. Our leather furniture cleaners can get rid of spots and stains, allergens and smells.

    Here are few reasons to choose us:-

    • Affordable Price
    • Non-Toxic Leather Furniture Cleaning
    • Upholstery Furniture Conditioning
    • Leather Protection
    • Leather Recliners Cleaning
    Regal Couch Cleaning

    Couch Cleaning & Mould Care Melbourne

    Sofas are made of various materials, hence two of them are not alike. Our couch experts understand this and thus treat single couch with a special cleaning solution appropriate for that particular sofa. The cleaning procedure followed by our professionals contains:

    1. Stain Removal Treatment – Rough stains are pre-treated with sufficient cleaning agents.
    2. Wash – Our professionals use the hot water extraction method to meet the highest standards for cleaning the couch.
    3. Fast Drying – After the cleaning process is over, we use heavy industrial dryers to easily dry your couch.
    4. Final Review – Eventually, our experts will conduct a final inspection to ensure that your couch is perfectly clean and completely secure.

    Registered, licenced and professional technicians at couch cleaning Melbourne ensure that you get the finest service with no complaints. Call us now to freshen up your couch!

    Quotation Of Couch Cleaning Melbourne

    We will provide you with an estimated price of cleaning your couch by phone, email or chat. However the exact price will be provided on-site by experienced lounge couch cleaners. Any of the things that we weigh before we offer you with the quotes.

    1. Upholstery seating capacity
    2. Scotchgard protection
    3. Leather or fabric couch protection
    4. King furniture sofas
    5. Armchair cleaning
    6. Lounge chair cleaning
    7. Fabric or leather sofa types
    8. The extent of couch soiling
    9. Pet smell couch cleaning Melbourne
    10. Red wine stain removal service
    11. White leather upholstery
    12. Spot stain removal

    Do you need best couch cleaner in Melbourne?
    You should never lie down in the dirty couch they might have millions of germs trapped within which may give you severe skin problems... Call couch cleaning Melbourne for the same day advanced high-temperature steam cleaning services. Couch cleaning Melbourne offers vacuum cleaning, lounge cleaning, carpet cleaning and upholstery facilities on the same day.

    Couch Cleaning is not an easy job to do every month or every once and a while. People have busy lives where they would have to keep up in their other priority duties, and it's pretty rough to hoover up all the sofas, vinyl chairs and sofas in the house. To reduce the struggles and needs of the people we have qualified and structured our team to offer high-quality skilled couch cleaning services to our clients.

    In Melbourne, you will find dozens of service providers that claim to be delivering couch cleaning services, but we specialize in evidence rather than claim. Couch cleaning Melbourne is a registered upholstery service provider in Melbourne with more than a hundred customers who have experienced the quality of our product and have had a positive opinion of the services rendered.

    Regal Couch Cleaning

    Exclusive Couch Cleaning Services In Melbourne

    Our skilled and qualified staff takes care of any details before and after the cleaning process so that there is no dirt or dust left. Couch cleaning Melbourne offer latest technology for cleaning. Our services include :-

    • Warm water couch cleaning
    • Dry sofa cleaning
    • Armchair cleaning
    • Microfibre couch cleaning
    • Couch sanitising and deodorising
    • Sofa mould removal
    • Couch steam cleaning
    • Leather couch cleaning
    • Chaise corner cleaning
    • Upholstery cleaning
    • Couch dry cleaning

    This are some of special services we offer to our customers. There is a wide variety of other facilities that we offer under the umbrella of the best cleaning services in Melbourne. If you have some kind of questions or complaints about cleaning or pricing quotes, please feel free to email us at 0488851003. Our staff will be pleased to answer your questions and respond back with the best solutions possible for your queries. Services are available in the entire Melbourne.

    Our services are available by prior appointment, but we provide 24-hour emergency services to clients with the same dedication and expertise that we provide on a daily appointment. Our same day couch cleaning services make it easy for clients to get competitive prices and professional services from our qualified and skilled workers. In the case of a catastrophic situation, such as a storm, liquid/fluid falling on sofas, or so on, our team will arrive at its location in thirty min and repair of clean your upholstery.

    Protecting Scotchgarde Cloth- Couch Cleaning Melbourne

    In addition to washing upholstery and elimination of mould, we also have Scotchgarde cloth and stain prevention services. The spot prevention services that we provide, keep your couch clean for a long time as it provides a barrier towards stains and dirt on the couch and upholstery.

    • Camel back couch cleaning & protection.
    • Chesterfield cleaning & protection.
    • Cabriole couch cleaning & protection.
    • Love seats sofa cleaning & protection.
    • Divan couch cleaning & protection.
    • Bunk bed sleeper cleaning & protection.
    • Armchair cleaning and protection
    • Chaise corner cleaning and protection
    • Sleeper sofas cleaning & protection.
    • Chairs cleaning & protection.
    • Settee sofa cleaning & protection.
    • Mid-century modern couch cleaning & protection.
    • Love seats sofa cleaning & protection.
    • Chairs cleaning & protection.
    • Chaise lounge cleaning & protection.
    • Lawson-style sofa cleaning & protection.
    • Bridge water couch cleaning & protection.

    Why You Should Chose Couch Cleaning Melbourne?

    We're only a step away, do not even hesitate to give us a call anytime you need. We are still up to you to listen to your questions and would gladly give you the correct advice. We have qualified team of cleaners who have complete legal authority to operate and have full Melbourne couch cleaning service.

    • 15 years of experience in the industry
    • Certified and highly experienced cleaners
    • Eco-friendly sofa and couch cleaning services.
    • Affordable couch cleaning services
    • Same day and emergency services available
    • All kinds of upholstery cleaning services