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Regal Couch Cleaning is one of the most leading professional and trusted cleaning services in Melbourne. Our company has years of experience in various couch cleaning services, giving you the assurance that we can deliver remarkable outcomes for your upholstery.

Our team of licensed technicians understand the importance of dirt-free upholstery which is why we work with great dedication. With the help of advanced equipment and machines, we can remove minor and major stains to secure a sanitary and foul odour-free sofa!

We can assist both residential and industrial locations efficiently. Our hardworking and skilled specialists can attend to your concerns 24/7.

Emergency Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne Services

Our significantly skilled technicians can fulfil a rapid and efficient emergency upholstery cleaning in Melbourne on the same day of confirming your booking with us.

During the call, we will organise the most convenient time to perform the cleaning procedures.

Once your booking is confirmed, our technicians will instantly prepare all the necessary equipment and environmentally friendly detergents to completely eradicate dirt and grime on your upholstery.

We are regarded as among the upholstery cleaning industry’s best! Our prices are completely affordable, allowing you to experience first-class services without spending a great deal of money.

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    Same Day Sofa Cleaning Melbourne Service

    With our same day couch cleaning services in Melbourne, our experts can reach your place within an hour after confirming your booking. We understand the value of punctual and immediate eradication of dirt, bacteria, and stains using the industry’s best techniques and detergents.

    Our reliable experts are 24/7 ready to deliver suitable upholstery disinfecting and sanitising services for you. Our talented team carefully follows the guidelines to make your couches look good as new. You can expect premium treatment from us at economical cost.

    Sofa cleaning services in Melbourne

    Fabric Sofa Cleaning Melbourne

    Fabric sofa is an incredible addition to both residential and commercial properties as it gives a certain degree of comfort and relief to people. Cleaning the fabric may leave you confused as to what detergents to use, which equipment must be utilised, and more.

    Opting for a professional fabric sofa cleaning Melbourne company like us may help you achieve the desired results you’re aiming for!

    Our experts will delicately rinse the fibre without leaving any residues of dirt, bringing out a delightful smell and look of the fabric sofa. We are a competent and reliable company who consistently provides couch cleaning to both residential and commercial properties that assure you high-quality service at an affordable cost.

    Suede armchair

    Suede sofas add a timeless elegance to premises. Because of its lovely fabric, it gives a level of comfort to people to relax. The suede armchair is also entirely a large investment, which is why it can be upsetting to watch a stain being formed or find a dried food stain.

    You can keep your sofa stain-free and protect it from most of the wear and tear caused by daily activities.

    We offer one of the premium cleaning solutions for your delicate fabric with great care and protection in Melbourne. Our licensed practitioners have complete knowledge as to how to carry out systematic procedures to meet remarkable outcomes by the end of the process.

    Microsuede sofa

    A microfibre suede couch is a comfortable sofa for any living room. Being classy and soft, it can increase the glory of any sitting place. However, one drawback is that the microsuede can be hard to clean.

    We are here to assist you with our exceptional sanitising solutions for your microfiber suede sofa. We take great responsibility in the process to make it protected and safe against micro bacteria and stains.

    Leather lounge

    Leather lasts for a long time, with the right amount of maintenance and upkeep you can enjoy the relief of your leather sofa for years. Your leather sofa requires a considerable amount of care to keep it shiny and good looking.

    Our professionals understand your needs and offer high-quality cleaning for your leather sofa. We can sanitise and deodorise your leather sofa conveniently on the day of your booking with us. It will be a fantastic experience to have a professionally refined sofa set which looks like new.


    It is easy to give the living room ottomans a superficial treatment by merely running a vacuum over the surface. However, ottomans are the items of much use by feet and shoes; they need occasional deep deodorising and disinfecting as they easily acquire dirt, soils, and bacteria from your soles.

    Our company provides ottoman cleaning services in Melbourne with significant protection against germs and dirt. Leave the job to us, and we can assure you of excellent outcomes at an affordable price.

    Wool Couch Cleaning Melbourne

    Many offices in Melbourne have wool upholstery. However, this fabric can shrink, distort, or lose colour when washed. If you decide to clean wool upholstery yourself, chances are you may irreversibly damage your couch.

    You can contact us at any time of the day to make your wool sofa clean and refreshed. We offer a top-quality dry cleaning to your wool sofa to look fresh and elegant. Our professional team knows the sensitivities of the wool fibre- from inspection to detergents, we can run a careful procedure to prevent any form of damage to your couch.

    Mock suede

    A suede sofa looks sophisticated, but only as long as it is kept neat and tidy. This can be achieved with daily brushing and an occasional vacuuming.

    As much as mock suede lounges are great investments, so is its regular cleaning. Therefore, call a professional upholstery cleaning Melbourne company to execute unique treatments for your mock suede!

    Our technicians make your mock suede sparkling fresh from inside out. We believe in serving the best and convenient services for you! 

    Cotton sofa

    Cotton sofas are a great purchase because of the level of comfort it gives that your family spends considerable time on.

    With time, your cotton sofa may begin to look a bit worn as the dust settles in and dirt muddied in from kids and pets.

    We can help you at the most convenient time to conduct our comprehensive cleaning procedure. Our technicians will provide you with the best solutions at you on the day of your booking.

    Silk sofa

    Silk is known as the luxurious natural fibre that makes beautiful upholstery. Silk is an investment that must be actively maintained. It is essential to clean silk furniture with great care and attention to detail.

    Silk is considered to be a sensitive fabric, so washing it with hazardous detergents can be harmful. The main thing is to maintain its shining for a long time.

    Our licensed experts won’t fail you in achieving 100% customer satisfaction for your silk sofa. We follow a systematic cleaning procedure and use the best environmentally safe detergents that are gentle on your silk.

    Linen Lounge Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne

    Linen is fancied for upholstery because it is durable, breathable and absorbent. Like any other kind of upholstery, linen needs regular maintenance and keeping.

    We are a reliable and reputable company when it comes to satisfying excellent linen sofa cleaning in Melbourne. We can design a comprehensive procedure that can eradicate micro bacteria and dirt to secure your lounges at perfect condition.

    Our services are available 24/7, which means you can access us anytime!

    Viscose Couch Cleaning Melbourne

    Viscose is a fabric that can shrink quite quickly and can leave permanent stains if not addressed appropriately. This upholstery will absorb water, making your fabric moist for many hours. It can be complex how to clean the viscose alone.

    That’s why many Melbourne residents opt to hire professional cleaning services from us because they never fail to provide exemplary results at an affordable price.

    With years of expertise, we have been giving professional viscose lounge cleaning in Melbourne. Our treatments are proven to be safe for all age-groups guaranteeing you no side-effects.

    Advantages of cleaning your upholstery

    Your couch is susceptible to different kinds of dust, stains, and grime that surely diminishes its high-quality and has become a germination ground for bacteria. Over time, if you have not managed to clean your upholstery, it will lose its elegance and may lead to irreversible damage.

    With our couch cleaning extensive services, our customers get valuable treatments at an affordable price. Hiring us can give you countless benefits! But right here’s the top four advantages of hiring us today!

    Scientifically proven eco-safe solutions

    We only use detergents that are proven scientifically safe to all age groups with no adverse side-effects. In this way, you can be confident and safe that no harm will happen during and after the procedure.

    Latest equipment

    Our experts utilise advanced equipment that is certified to effectively eliminate grimes, dust, and moulds that were accumulated in your upholstery.

    We are licensed and trained with correct information and management of equipment.

    Effective removal of stains and moulds

    We are a renowned company for effectively eradicating deep-rooted stains and moulds that were confined on your couch for a long time. The presence of these stains and moulds drastically affect the quality of your couch, making it old and worn.

    Our licensed experts are trained and meticulous in removing every nook and cranny of dirt in your couch.

    Punctual and competent practitioners

    What makes us exceptional in the industry is that we can arrive at your location on the same day of your booking. Our specialists can assure you prompt services in Melbourne.

    The procedure begins with thoroughly assessing your couch. Afterwards, we will devise a systematic plan for it- every lounge has different fabric and texture which is why formulating a treatment program will aid to meet pleasing results.

    Remarkable outcomes

    We are one of the best in the industry when it comes to meeting customer expectations. Our licensed experts work hard to achieve outstanding results for your valued couch.

    Our upholstery cleaning process

    Having a systematic way of removing dirt, stains, dust, grimes, and bacteria is essential to not only organise the cleaning procedure but also to assure your clients of excellent outcomes to expect.

    At Regal Couch Cleaning, our skilled experts are well-rounded in determining what your couches' needs. We strictly follow five essential steps to clean your sofa effectively!

    Careful inspection

    Once we arrive at your location, we will start by carefully inspecting every corner of your lounge.

    We will start searching on the corners where the damage is indicated. This is also the part where we will identify which fabric your couch has so we can devise a plan to carry out the process.


    This stage is where our experts begin to gather and choose suitable equipment throughout the process. We will also devise a plan and note all necessary precarious corners to avoid further damage.

    Furniture, shelves, clothes, chairs nearby the couch, will be removed to conveniently carry out the procedure without damaging anything while conducting the treatment. Once everything is secured, we are all good to start for the next step.

    Stain Treatment

    Our skilled specialists are well-rounded with the treatments to be applied to remove dirt and stain remaining. Our experts will thoroughly inspect every corner to remove all grimes, moulds, dirt, stains that remained on your couch for so long.

    We use environmentally friendly detergents that are laboratory-tested to be effective in removing the stain on your upholstery.


    This step is where we will use drying machines to lessen the moisture on your lounge to avoid the unwanted smell.

    Final Inspection

    At last, the expert in our company will do the inspection to make sure that the process is completed properly.

    This is where we allow our clients to check and let us know about their complaints or concerns. Our experts will enthusiastically attend should there be any questions and tips to be provided to preserve your couch at a great quality.

    Tips for managing your upholstery

    Regal Couch Cleaning understands the essence of managing and protecting your upholstery for a long time. Not only do we provide professional cleaning service, but we also give you practical tips and tricks on how you can secure a durable upholstery at your property!

    So here are the top 3 tips and tricks to take note in settling your upholstery at the excellent condition:

    • You can refine your sofa with the help of a soft bristle brush and a towel
    • Instantly remove dried spot or spill on your fabric
    • Avoid dyeing or sponging your upholstery as this will leave a colour spot

    Upholstery stains removal Melbourne

    Upholstery stains are a common problem. Colours are inevitable, and your upholstery can suffer stains from many sources such as food crumbs, spilled drink, and more.

    You may opt to hire a professional upholstery cleaning company for a more convenient and comprehensive approach.

    Our professionals are skilled and profoundly experienced in their work. We use methods and techniques that are safe for upholstery. Using the latest equipment, we can remove all the stains in no time by using eco-friendly surfactants.

    Scotchgard couch fabric protection

    This fabric protection can secure your couch stain-free in no time! Scotchgard is an optional service we provide applied to the fabric to protect them from stains. Most people feel confused when they think about whether they should demand Scotchgard protection.

    For you to be enlightened, here are the top 3 benefits of getting Scotchgard:

    • It helps your carpet fibres resist soiling
    • Scotchgard prevents the spills from becoming permanent stains.
    • It is easy to remove stains from upholstery, and it keeps fresh for a long time.

    Regal Couch Cleaning can outfit your couch with Scotchgard fabric protection! To do that, we will first inspect your upholstery depending on the fabric you have and design a customise plan suitable for your material.

    We will ensure that you are delighted with the service by allowing you to ask questions and hear doubts or complaints once the procedure is done.

    Frequently asked questions

    Yes, Regal Couch Cleaning can completely sanitise and disinfect your couch. We utilise organic treatments to remove all forms of dirt and odours that lower the quality of your upholstery.

    Yes, our technicians can perform upholstery stain removal to both residential and commercial premises. Our couch stain removal method is proven effective with many satisfied clients after the procedure.

    Yes, Regal Couch Cleaning offers instant emergency same-day services. Our couch cleaning assistance is open 24/7 and we can arrive at your place an hour after you verify your booking.

    Absolutely! Our experts will see to it that no treatment residue will be left after the cleaning process. We are very meticulous when it comes to performing our job and make sure that no chemicals nor dirt will be left behind on your upholstery. Your safety and comfort are constantly important to us.

    Yes, we can offer practical tips and advice to preserve your couch clean for a long time. Our technicians are informative and friendly when it comes to communicating the needs of your upholstery. We will see to it that you are equipped with the right knowledge and advice to maintain your sofa clean before leaving your premises.

    No, all our cleaning solutions go through laboratory-testing and are proven safe to use with no harmful side-effects to all age classes and even to your pets.