We all love the feeling of sitting down on a brand new couch – feeling the smooth leather underneath us or simply being “swallowed up” by the comfy cushions. But unfortunately, no honey-moon phase lasts forever and our brand new couch rapidly becomes dirty with daily use, which poses the question: what to do? In this world, there is such a thing as hiring a couch cleaning service, but most people don’t really “get” how that works and why they should invest in such a service. In the article below, we’ll be providing you with all the answers you’ve been looking for.

Expensive replacement vs. couch cleaning

Basically, when your couch becomes filthy after months and years of use, you’ve got two options: either clean it or replace it. But as we well know, couch replacement can be quite pricey, particularly since you’ll want to select a product that is of good quality and that will last you a while. On average, a new couch costs about 10 times as much as a couch cleaning service, and if there are no other problems with your couch, why should you pay that much?

Couch cleaning prevents allergies

Have you ever stopped to consider what types of dirt get lodged in your couch cushions? You’ve probably heard about dust mites being everywhere, but did you know that one of their favourite spots in your comfy (but dirty) couch? The presence of dust mites is a hugely triggering allergy factor: from their faeces to their shed skins, and even to the dead mites themselves, all of these come into contact with your skin and airways (through inhalation) and can trigger asthma and other allergies.

Preserves the valuable pristine condition to your upholstery

Couch cleaning, rather obviously, protects and preserves your couch as you want it to be – clean and beautiful. This is not only good for your day-to-day life but also valuable should you ever decide to sell your upholstery. The closer your couch is to its initial condition, the higher the price you’ll get on it.

Fresh and comfortable to seat: The couch cleaning effect

Remember how we mentioned dust mites and dirt coming into contact with your skin? That is not only bad for your allergies, it’s also just plain unpleasant. A dirty couch feels grubby against your skin, and the dirty fabric rubbing against you may promote the appearance of burns and rashes, again something you probably want to avoid. Cleaning your couch gets rid of all that and allows you to sit in a clean and refreshing environment.

Zero presence of bacteria after couch cleaning

Lastly, couch cleaning gets rid of the various bacteria teeming in your couch. We bring in viruses and bacteria on our outside clothes, our hands, and even our pets, and these bacteria all promote the spread of illness. So on average, you should consider having your couch professionally cleaned at least once a year to get rid of bacteria and diminish the threat to your family and pets.