If you want to save money on deep cleaning, you need to learn how to maintain the furniture properly. However, saving money on furniture cleaning is not a good idea because deep cleaning keeps your premises hygienic and dust-free. It is essential to conduct a couch cleaning in Melbourne. It boosts the productivity of your employees on commercial premises. You should follow the maintenance suggestions to preserve the quality of your furniture but do not forget to deep clean your furniture at least twice a year.

General Rules 

You have to follow the general rules to maintain a hygienic living space or working environment. Following suggestions helps to prevent stains, regular wear and tears.
  • Do not eat or drink on the sofa.
  • Do not allow the pet on the sofa. Otherwise, cover the place with a protective pad to avoid damage.
  • No shoes in the room.
  • No clay, drawing or messy toys are allowed in the room.

Remove Stains Immediately 

Remove stains as soon as you find them. Some stubborn stains like ink, nail polish, and coffee spillage turn into permanent marks on the sofa. Whether you find marks of clay or mud on furniture, clean it as soon as possible. You can use dishwashing liquid and warm water to prevent permanent stains. If it does not work, you should seek the help of sofa cleaning Melbourne experts. They have years of experience in finding out the best treatment for the furniture.

Remove Pet Fur, Dander 

Use a vacuum cleaner to remove pet dander, fur, and lint. It is better if you do this regularly. Sofa cleaning Melbourne experts use high-quality vacuum cleaners and lint removers to eliminate allergens, germs, and dust from your lounge. Please buy an upholstery brush and keep it near the furniture so that you can remove fur and lint as soon as you notice them.

Top to Bottom Approach 

When you are cleaning a room, start from the ceiling and wall, then move to furniture and floors. It ensures you have cleaned all sides of a room. Besides that, do not sit on a muddy, wet sofa because it only transfers the dust and sweat to the fabric.

Change Covers 

If you have a white fabric or leather sofa, you should use a cover, especially during a social event. Make a habit of changing the cover every month. Besides vacuuming, you must fluff it to ensure it is plump and clean.

Deep Clean Your Couch at Home 

We recommend deep cleaning the furniture once a month and vacuuming it on a weekly basis. The first step would be to arrange all the accessories and ingredients you need for the upholstery cleaning in Melbourne. After that, channel your energy into the process. Here we are going to give you a step-by-step guide on how to deep clean your couch at home.

Remove the Cushions 

The first step would be to vacuum the furniture properly. After that, remove the cushions so that you can steam clean the area without damaging the colourful fabric.

Vacuum the Base 

Now it is time to use the vacuum cleaner in between the sofa components, backside, armrest, and headrest. Remove microparticles, food crumbs, and dust from the cushions and cracks. If you have a velvet-like texture in the base, please be sure to vacuum the area carefully.

Spot Treatment

It is a step mostly done by professionals, but you can do this at your home with DIY remedies. Use dishwashing liquid, baking soda paste or white vinegar paste to start this spot treatment. Use a microfiber cloth and soak it in a water-based or solvent-based solution. Rub it gently to remove stains, dark spots and marks.

Steam Cleaning 

After that, use a steam cleaning machine to kill the germs and eliminate dust. However, you have to set an appropriate temperature based on the fabric material. You should seek the help of upholstery cleaning Melbourne expert to learn the steaming techniques.


Although air drying is enough in a well-ventilated room, you can use fans and blowers to dry it quickly. Do not use the furniture before drying. Please contact us directly if you need a fabric sofa cleaning service in Melbourne. We are open 24/7 to offer you the best service in your locality. We will reach your location within one hour of a confirmed booking. Please book an appointment now.