Melbourne Couch Cleaning Couches go through a lot and are quick at accumulating dirt, and stains. To get rid of allergens and dirt, regular cleaning is important. Maintaining couches is not difficult, however, most homeowners end up making mistakes that ruin their valuable furniture. Be mindful when attempting couch cleaning so you can protect your couches from damage. Continue reading to know about the don’ts you need to keep in mind when trying upholstery cleaning.

Not Vacuuming Regularly

  • The least you can do for your couches’ cleanliness is regular vacuuming. Dirt, debris, pet hair, dander and germs settle in your couches every day no matter if you are using them or not. Over time, these allergens can take a toll on your health and cause allergies and breathing issues.
  • For eliminating allergens from your couches, make sure to vacuum the upholstery at least twice or thrice a week. Thoroughly vacuum the couches including all the corners and crevices. Feel free to hire couch cleaner Melbourne for professional cleaning services!

Rubbing Stains

  • Stains can be awful as it affects the beauty of your couches. Unfortunately, when dealing with a fresh or old stain, homeowners often start rubbing the stains.
  • Never rub a stain vigorously if you want them out from your couches. Applying unnecessary pressure on the stain will only allow the liquid to seep inside the fabric.
  • And, once the stain seeps deeper, it becomes difficult to remove. Therefore, make sure you keep these don’ts in mind when trying fabric couch cleaning Melbourne.

Machine Washing

  • Throwing all kinds of upholstery in the machine for routine cleaning is one of the common mistakes made by homeowners. It is important to read the manufacturer’s instructions before you throw your upholstery in the machine.
  • Not all kinds of upholstery fabric are suitable for machine wash. Some require gentle hand-washing for cleaning, while some fabrics require temperature-controlled cleaning.
  • Make sure to avoid this mistake when trying fabric sofa cleaning Melbourne so your upholsteries can have a longer lifespan.

Using Bleach and Harsh Chemicals

  • Bleach and harsh chemicals may seem like your last option when dealing with a tough stain. However, you should try to avoid making this mistake, as bleach is a strong agent and when used in the wrong quantity it can leave ugly stains on your dark-coloured couches.
  • Within a short span, your upholstery can become weak and damaged. To ensure your couches remain durable for a long time, never use harsh chemicals or bleach for cleaning upholsteries. Seek help from experts for couch cleaning Melbourne and get fresh and spotless couches at home!

Using Heat

  • Not all upholstery fabric can be steam cleaned. Exposure to heat can lead to shrinkage issues, weak fibres and premature damage. Furthermore, using heat for disinfecting the couches is also not recommended.  Blindly steam cleaning any upholstery is one mistake you should avoid at all costs.
  • Therefore, when you are unsure about getting your sofas clean, make sure you read the manufacturer’s instructions or hire professionals for couch cleaning Melbourne!

Final Words

These were a few mistakes you must avoid when it comes to couch cleaning Melbourne. If you are not confident about cleaning and maintaining couches at home, feel free to seek professional help! If you are looking for professional fabric sofa cleaning services in Melbourne, contact Regal Couch Cleaning - the best couch cleaning company offering services at an affordable price. Dial  0488846853 and get your bookings confirmed!