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Average Cost of Professional Couch Cleaning: What You Need to Know
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The Average Cost of A Professional Couch Cleaning

What is The Average Cost of A Professional Couch Cleaning

When it comes to maintaining the hygiene, beauty, and longevity of your valuable couches, professional cleaning services can work wonders. Furthermore, when you engage in professional services, you will also witness the various upholstery cleaning benefits that can help you bring back the lost charm of your lovely couch and restore it to its pristine state. However, before hiring professional services, it is also important to know about the cost implications. If you are worried about the cost of professional couch cleaning services then we have got your back. With the help of this blog post, we will learn about the various factors that influence the cost of couch cleaning services. These factors include:

Couch Type and Size

One major factor that affects the overall cost of the couch cleaning service is the type and the size of couch you may have. Couches come in different shapes, materials, and sizes, and these factors play a major role in determining the treatment and cleaning method required, hence, directly affecting the pricing. For instance, cleaning small couches may cost less, while larger couches demand more resources, effort, and time, thus increasing the total cost of the couch cleaning service.

Upholstery Material:

Another factor that plays a key role in determining the cost of couch cleaning is the type of upholstery material. From delicate silk, leather, and suede, to gorgeous velvet, and cotton, upholstery fabric comes in various forms. While couches that are composed of delicate fabric require extra care, expertise, and specialised cleaning methods to ensure they are thoroughly cleaned without inflicting any harm to the fabric. This often results in high cleaning charges.

Cleaning Method:

No two couches are alike, hence, different cleaning methods are required to clean different couches. Some may require steam cleaning methods, while some demand dry cleaning techniques. Each cleaning method has its own set of advantages and associated costs. Steam cleaning, for instance, is known for its profound and extensive cleaning power and is often advised for extremely filthy couches. Dry cleaning, on the other hand, is mostly preferred for soft and delicate fabrics that may not withstand significant amounts of water and excess moisture. The cost will differ depending on the type of cleaning method you require.

Additional Services:

Further services, such as stain treatment, odour removal, or couch stain protection treatments, can also contribute to the overall cost of professional couch cleaning. These services are optional but can be helpful in boosting the health, hygiene and durability of your couch. Discussing your specific needs with the cleaning service provider will help you determine which additional services are necessary and their corresponding costs.

Local Market Factors:

Another factor that heavily influences the cost of couch cleaning services is your geographical region and the overall market conditions. Factors such as cost of living, local competition, and supply can also affect pricing. Therefore, it is best to conduct thorough research and compare prices offered by various couch cleaning companies in your vicinity to get a better insight of the average couch cleaning costs.


Hope this blog will help you get a better picture of the factors that influence the overall cost of the couch cleaning service. To make a good decision, it is suggested that you reach out to Regal Couch Cleaning specialists and discuss your requirements with them to get personalised quotes.

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