Leather Sofa Cleaning Leather is a long-lasting and durable material, but it accumulates dust, sweat, and dry grime on its surface. Regular vacuuming is not sufficient to remove all the dirt and germs trapped in the tough areas. Make sure you use a hose to reach the tough areas such as the backside and bottom of the furniture. Besides that, you should take proper care while cleaning the armrest and headrest. Please note that, before applying these DIY solutions, you should have a pretest. It is important because it ensures these solutions are effective against a specific issue. It should be done in a hidden and small area. If you are satisfied with the test result, you can apply the solution to the affected area. In case of complex issues, you should seek the help of leather couch cleaning services.

White Vinegar and Warm Water

Many online resources will advise you to apply this liquid directly to the affected area, but we do not recommend it because we have seen most of the homeowners over saturate the area with water. We advise you to use a microfiber cloth and soak it with the liquid. Now wipe the area gently with the microfiber cloth in a circular motion. After that, dry the area and wait for a few hours to revive the original shine of the leather.

 Commercial Leather Cleaner

As an alternative, you can also use commercial leather cleaners available in the market. If you buy it from the market, please read the direction of use before implementing directly in the affected area. It is highly effective for leather upholstery cleaning. Regal Couch Cleaning Melbourne experts suggest this solution to clients.

Ethanol Based Liquid Solution

This solution is effective against mould and fungus growth. Soak this liquid in a white paper towel and wipe the affected area gently. You have to repeat the process a few times until this tropical antiseptic liquid kills the fungus. Besides that, it is also effective against ink stains. You have to use a blotting method to remove any stain marks on leather items. This method is suitable for leather sofa cleaning. Regal Couch Cleaning use different ethanol-based chemicals to solve different problems.

Leather Dyes

Sometimes you may face issues with discoloration. In that case, you should use leather dyes. However, you have to use delicate leather dyes and not regular shoe polish. If you have a dye in your home, you do not worry about discoloration; you can match the color anytime you want.

Nail Polish Remover

Sometimes, many homeowners use non-acetone based nail polish remover, which is effective against stains. We do not recommend it because it is not an ideal method, and overuse may damage the item.

Dry Cleaning Solutions

If you want a quick solution without any headache, you should buy a dry cleaning liquid. Please note that some solutions in the market contain inflammable ingredients that are harmful to your health. Please use protective gear while conducting this method. We do not suggest you prepare it in your room because it is tough and needs the proper proportion of all the ingredients. If you want an organic or eco-friendly solution, then you should seek the help of leather upholstery cleaning services in  Melbourne who have suitable solutions to meet your specific needs.

Baking Soda

Please vacuum the area to remove the loose dirt and sprinkle baking soda on the affected area. Baking soda removes bad odours and stains. After that, let the area air dry for three hours. After drying, notice the changes. If you are not satisfied with the result, please repeat the process once again.
Hire a Leather Lounge Cleaning Services in Melbourne
Please note that DIY remedies do not provide results like professional services. All these are DIY remedies. If you want professional service, then please call Regal Couch Cleaning. Directly. Our certified leather lounge cleaning Melbourne professionals use industry-grade equipment and certified chemicals to provide the best solution in your locality. If you have questions or want to know more about our services, please call or start chatting with us.