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5 Tips on How to Clean Upholstery: Expert Advice for a Spotless Home
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5 Tips On How To Clean An Upholstery

As a certified cleaning company, one of the most frequent queries and subjects we encounter is how to clean upholstery. A valuable piece of furniture can be stressful to clean since you don’t know how to do it right or which cleaning to put on it to avoid damaging it.  However, cleaning upholsteries isn’t a task that is fully unmanageable. With the assistance of a professional upholstery cleaning company, you can do wonders. In addition to providing advice on which cleaners to use, the proper procedure for cleaning them, and some extra ideas for getting things dry, our list of five recommendations for cleaning upholstery can help you reduce your concern about cleaning your furniture. Happy scrubbing!

Here are our 5 couch cleaning Melbourne tips.

Verify the Clean code

We can imagine what you’re probably wondering: what exactly is clean code? If this is the case, you are not alone; most individuals don’t! The tags on the majority of furniture components include clean codes. They serve as a lettered guide to the appropriate cleaning chemical or solution for your particular piece of furniture. Five things are present in clean codes:

S – Requires dry cleaning solution even if it can be washed with water.

S/W –  Water and solvents can both be used to clean.

W/S – Water and solvents both work well for cleaning;

X – Vacuum only; consult a professional

Please take note that not all furniture has a clean code. If yours doesn’t, you can call the furniture store where you bought it for more information; they frequently maintain this information on file. Alternatively, you can look for the manufacturer or brand of your item online to find out more information.

After conducting extensive research, if you are still unable to discover an answer, you can test a hidden section of your item (such as at the bottom or under a cushion by the zipper) by spraying the cleaner (solvent or water based) on it and watching to see how the piece responds. It’s fantastic if the cleaner dries and looks fantastic. Proceed with caution if you see any browning or shrinkage; it’s usually advisable to call a sofa cleaning Melbourne professional.

Completely vacuum your piece

Your furniture may accumulate a lot of dust and dirt over time. It’s crucial to get rid of as much of that dust and debris as possible before using our cleaning. This will greatly simplify the procedure!

Select the Appropriate Cleaner

Knowing the clean code has made it much easier to choose the proper cleaner, but you might still be unsure about whether to use a solvent-based or water-based cleaning on your furniture.

We advise using one cup of water, one cup of rubbing alcohol, and a few drops of liquid dish soap for water-based cleaning. The furniture will be thoroughly cleaned with this homemade mixture without suffering any harm. For sofa stain removal Melbourne services, we can help you right away!

Cleaning and Extracting

The magic takes place here. You get to actually extract the deeply embedded grit and dirt from your upholstery. Spray your cleanser on the item to be cleaned, then rub it in with a brush or a towel. After completing this process on the entire piece, we prefer to come back and fully flush it, working in parts, using a spotting machine or an upholstery machine with an attachment and only water in the machine.

If you don’t have an extractor, spritz on warm water after using your cleaner and wipe your piece with a microfiber cloth to remove as much debris and buildup as you can. However, this won’t be as efficient as using an extractor, so if you can, borrow one from someone who owns one or rent one from a nearby shop.

Dry it Off Right Away

Your goal is to make your piece as dry as possible. Open a window to let some fresh air in if the weather is pleasant and not too cold. If you have a ceiling fan, box fan, or snail fan, turn it towards your piece.

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