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A sofa is the finest home decor item that is both a pride and a pleasure of living space. After a hectic day, the warmth of sitting on the couch helps to calm your body and mind to a great extent. Undoubtedly, the sofa is an expensive home decor that requires particular attention.

Tips You Must Follow before Reaching out to the Experts

DIYs cannot solve your problem in the long run. Do not waste time if you cannot control the situation. It would be better if you hire a professional sofa cleaner in Melbourne for stain cleaning. Before that, do the following things:

1. Vacuum the Sofa

It is known as the perfect way to keep your sofa clean. Regular cleaning makes your sofa germ-free, removing dust, dirt, or other debris.

2. Do Not Expose Sofa under Sunlight

Professionals have always recommended that the sofa be kept away from direct sunlight. Please do not keep it on the balcony or near the window.

3. Check the Sofa Legs Regularly

Please note that the entire structure is reliant on the legs. The legs support the sofa. Therefore, regular furniture health checkups are necessary.

4. Use DIY for Small Issues

Some home remedies are suitable for small issues. You can use baking soda, and vinegar solutions to remove regular stains and smells. In case you face a major issue such as red wine stains or discolouration, please consult with a sofa stain removal Melbourne professional.

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    How Can You Protect Sofa from Unintentional Stains?

    Everybody wants to buy a high-quality sofa. Most individuals make significant investments by buying costly home upholstery to improve the elegance of the home. Therefore, it is important to take special care of the stains on your sofa at home. If you have children or pets, then keeping your sofa clean can be a challenging task. The following suggestions will help you to keep your sofa stain free.

    1. Purchase the Right Sofa Fabric

    You must purchase a sofa whose fabric is washable. Please check the care tag before buying. Try to buy a product with a ‘W/S’ care tag because they are easily washable.

    2. Cover Your Sofa with a Stain Guard

    To protect your sofa from stains, Stain Guard is an excellent option. Add a layer of stain protection after consulting with a fabric sofa cleaning Melbourne professional to protect your sofa from unwanted stains and dust.

    4. Modify Your Routines

    You can enhance the sofa stain protection by changing your habits. Do not eat or drink on the sofa. Cover your sofa during social events and vacuum them at least thrice a week to take proper care of the costly furniture.

    Therefore, to keep your precious sofa safe from unintentional spills, you should follow these suggestions. If you are stuck with hard stains, you should consult with a sofa stain protection Melbourne professional.

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