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Leather Sofa Cleaning Melbourne

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Professional Leather Sofa Cleaning Melbourne

The majority of homeowners are concerned with keeping their houses clean, but they pay little attention to their furnishings. Because your couch is a hotbed for germs and allergies that grow as a consequence of filth, dust, and humidity buildup, doing leather sofa cleaning Melbourne on a regular basis is just as important as cleaning your toilet. Taking care of your leather couch is critical since airborne contaminants are likely to deteriorate the leather, robbing it of its comfort and beauty. Leather is notoriously difficult to keep clean, if you do it incorrectly, the material will be damaged, and the suite will be ruined. As a result, getting aid from reputable and skilled sofa cleaners is essential. Regal Couch Cleaning Melbourne serves exemplary leather cleaning solutions; our conditioning treatment for your leather upholstery can spruce up damaged leather items in a blink of an eye.

Same Day & Emergency Leather Sofa Cleaning Melbourne

If you wish to spend your holidays peacefully with your family doing what you like instead of cleaning your upholstery give us a call to avail our emergency services. We provide couch cleaning on public holidays & weekends as well. Our local cleaners & advanced technology can give you a refurbished couch on the same day of booking.

Commercial Leather Upholstery Cleaning Services Melbourne

We clean leather for hotels, pubs, restaurants, workplaces, retail shops, schools, and other enterprises on a regular basis. Get in contact with us immediately if you’re seeking a highly competent commercial Leather cleaning business. When it comes to cleaning Leather for our customers, our Leather cleaners take great care.

Other Service We Provide:

  • Couch steam & dry cleaning treatment
  • Pet hair & urine (odor and stain) removal
  • Mold & dust mite removal
  • Stain removal
  • Couch sterilization & deodorization
  • Fabric protection treatment
  • Color correction for sun-damaged couches &
  • Water extraction & restoration of sofas damaged due to flood water.

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    Our Process for Leather Upholstery Cleaning Services in Melbourne 

    Regal Couch Cleaning Services has been known for its advanced cleaning solutions, equipment and amazing workmanship in Melbourne for several years. Our technicians follow a scientific approach and step by step process to clean your leather couch or upholstery. 

    Step 1: Inspection 

    Our experts will come to your home and carry out an evaluation of the material to be cleaned. They will also give you the time estimation and cost of our services.  

    Step 2: Set Up for the Services 

    If you want to work with us, our determined staff prepare the necessary chemicals and machinery. They will move the other valuable items in the room to create an empty space.  

    Step 3: Cleaning 

    We will begin with the spot removal procedure, where every stain is determined and cleaned under a senior expert’s guidance. We will also focus on fades and discolouration. Our eco-friendly treatment easily solves these issues within a few hours.  

    Step 4: Conditioning 

    Hereafter, our experts will carry out nourishment, which helps us to restore the quality of leather by stimulating the leather layer with a chemical solution. Applying our customized cleaning and nourishing solution experts will make your sofa look livelier and very less prone to cracks. 

    Step 5: Polish Coating 

    As a final step, our specialists will carry out polishing and bring back the looks of the leather upholstery. Our professional leather and fabric sofa cleaning Melbourne experts choose the right tan pigments and gently rub the leather before applying the last layer of polish coatings. 

    If you want to take advantage of IICRC certified experts, then please call us now. Our professionals offer the most reliable leather upholstery cleaning service in and around your locality.  

    Benefits Of Leather Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne

    Increase durability– Leather is extremely durable, but it’s also absorbent; therefore seeking a professional cleaning treatment will lead to slow aging. When leather ruining impurities are extracted & the leather is properly groomed it stays durable for a long time.

    Creates a healthy environment at home- Dirt, dust, pet hair, pet urine, food crumbs are some substances that accumulated on couches’ fabric & lead to microbes development. When your sofa has mold growth the spores it releases are likely to spread an outbreak of multiple health hazards. But when you seek leather couch cleaning services Melbourne from experts the couch is deep cleaned and the indoor air & odor quality improves drastically. This creates a sanitary environment in your personal space.

    Prevents cracks- With the aid of professionals, the most serious problem that leather sofa owners experience may be resolved. When your leather sofa is well cleaned, it is less likely to develop cracks. Furthermore, the organic conditioners nourish the leather, ensuring that its luster is maintained indefinitely.

    Keeps it feeling comfortable & looking great- If not properly cared for, leather, will dry up and crack, making it less comfortable and unpleasant over time. If leather is not cared for, it will swiftly degrade and lose its silky, smooth texture. Professional leather upholstery cleaning Melbourne entails the use of a variety of purpose-built, high-quality, and tried-and-true cleaning chemicals to keep your leather clean, preserve the top coat seal, and keep it feeling supple for longer.

    Call Leather Sofa Cleaning Service in Melbourne 

    You have invested a large amount in decorating your house. A leather sofa enhances the beauty of your room. You should spend a small amount on maintaining the quality for a long time. We offer leather upholstery cleaning in Melbourne to all residential and commercial clients. If you want to know more about our service, please call us now +61488846853. We offer a same day service- book an appointment to clean your sofa today.  


    1. Do cleaning products damage fabric?

    We strictly use non-toxic and eco-friendly cleaning products to clean couches. These products are safe for all types of fabric. Get in touch with our staff to know more about our service.

    2. Isn’t vacuuming the couch enough?

    Vacuuming helps extract grime lying on the surface but for deep cleaning the leather couch professional treatment is a must

    3. Is conditioning leather couch necessary?

    Conditioning helps nourish the leather thus preventing cracks hence we suggest conditioning. However, it is an optional treatment and can be averted if you don’t need it.

    4. Can you clean the velvet couch as well?

    Our team is experienced in cleaning cotton sofas, microfiber sofas, linen couches, velvet couches, silk couches etc

    Couch cleaning is a time-consuming chore, but that does not make it any less vital, so even if you think you can do it on your own, you should get professional assistance. If the leather couch in your home or workplace is unclean or has cracks, contact Regal Couch Cleaning Melbourne right away for the best and most trusted leather sofa cleaning Melbourne has to offer.

    Why Choose Us For Leather Sofa Cleaning Melbourne?

    Tailor-made solutions- With the knowledge and experience that our staff has gained over the years, we create one-of-a-kind solutions for your sofa. The importance of paying attention to detail and utilizing the proper leather cleaning products and procedures will guarantee that you get the finest results possible.

    IICRC certified– We are certified by IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) to conduct leather sofa cleaning Melbourne. Our cleaners have apt training needed for the task & are regularly updated on advancements with cleaning.

    Experienced & well-equipped team– WE have years of experience in leather cleaning & our team is provided with quality machinery and solutions for deep cleaning your leather couches proficiently.

    Organic cleaners– Only organic or eco-friendly surfactants are used in the process to ensure deep & gentle cleaning or your delicate upholstery.

    Pocket-friendly services- We serve you to the best ability right to your doorstep at the most reasonable rates. we impose no hidden charges and provide written estimates of our services to avoid future confusion.

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