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Fabric Sofa Cleaning Melbourne

Are You Looking For A Reliable And Excellent Fabric Couch Cleaning In Melbourne? 

A couch is a place to relax with your family members. You spend memorable weekends with your family members. On the other hand, your couch receives dirt, wear, and tears. If you are searching for the best fabric couch cleaning Melbourne service provider, then Regal Couch Cleaning can solve your problems.   

Vacuuming and wiping furniture is not enough; your couch demands special treatment. Hire professional cleaning services because they are equipped with advanced tools and certified chemicals to make your lounge fresh and germ-free.     

Professional Fabric Couch Cleaning 

There are many things that can harm your couch, such as dead skin cells, pet dander, spills, discolouration, food particles, and many others. All these things can reduce the durability of your furniture. It would be better if you covered your furniture during night parties and social events, but you cannot avoid spills and stains in the long run. If you neglect, it may lead to permanent damage to the fabric. As a sofa cleaning Melbourne service provider, we encourage our clients to have a deep cleaning service a few times a year to enhance the durability of their favourite furniture.   

With us, you will get advanced cleaning facilities with certified chemicals and tools. We mainly focus on the following things:   

  • In case of stains and dark spots, we first utilise the blotting process with a clean white paper towel or microfiber cloth to eradicate dark stains.  
  • After that, we prepare a chemical compound based on the texture material, severity of damage and pH ratios. Then we apply this intense solution to clean sofa fabric. 

Fabric Couch Cleaning Code  

Do you know that all the furniture come with a cleaning guidance code? This is a word that suggests the best method of cleaning the material. As a fabric sofa cleaning Melbourne service provider, we also follow the tag. The most popular care codes in Australia are:   

  • W: The item should be cleaned with a water-based solution.  
  • S: A solvent-based solution is suitable for this item.  
  • W/S: The item can be cleaned both with water-based and solvent-based solutions.  
  • X: Neither water-based nor solvent solution is appropriate for this item.  
  • O: You should clean the item with organic ingredients.  

Our professionals follow these care tags while cleaning for our clients. Besides that, we also prepare chemical solutions and other related remedies based on these care tags.  

Moreover, we also focus on the following factors.   

  • Before applying the cleaning solution, we conduct a spot test to check the effectiveness.  
  • We take special care to avoid oversaturation of water or moisture.  
  • We understand that it may shrink the foam or padding of the fabric sofa, so we take special care while dealing with the seat, armrest and headrest of the sofa.   

Stains also generate mildew and other bacteria, so we use steam cleaning to eliminate the sign of bacterial growth. In this way, we eradicate all stains and prevent germ growth in your lounge. 

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    Our Working Process 

    You have to take special care of your furniture to prevent damage, but it is not possible all the time. If you find dark spots which are hard to remove by any other means, then you should call our couch cleaning Melbourne service provider. We will come to your location and solve your problem within a few hours. 

    1. Use Vacuum Cleaner 

    We use industrial vacuum cleaners to eliminate all the dirt from the surface. The regular vacuum cleaners that you use are different from ours because most of the vacuum cleaners in the market have a low horsepower engine which can provide a decent result after frequent applications. However, industry-grade vacuum cleaners are suitable to cover a large area. We use high-quality vacuum cleaners and other advanced tools to solve issues for our residential and commercial clients.   

    1. Assessing Stains 

    After removing the loose dirt, we concentrate on stains and the extent of the damage. Our upholstery protection Melbourne experts and technicians analyse the material, texture, colour to find out the best solution against stains and germ growth.   

    1. Prepare a Compound 

    After that, we prepare a compound using our certified chemicals and apply it with the help of a white paper towel. In case of foul smell, we spray chemicals around the furniture to solve your issues urgently.   

    1. Monitoring 

    After doing all of these steps, we monitor the changes, and if you are satisfied, we will complete our task. Lastly, you will receive a service report from our senior monitoring team.    

    Preventive Measures to Avoid Further Damage  

    Besides regular maintenance, you can do the following things to avoid stains.  

    • Please use a cover for the furniture.  
    • Vacuum three times a week and use an upholstery brush to remove dirt from the armrest and headrest.  
    • We encourage manual cleaning that gives you better results than any other cleaning machine. Besides that, you have to learn the ideal way of using the machine; otherwise, it may lead to further damage.  
    • You can try DIY remedies after a spot test. If you are not satisfied with the result, please call a sofa stain protection Melbourne expert urgently.  

    Types of Fabric Sofa Cleaning Services in Melbourne   

    We know that our clients call us for different issues, so we cannot apply one solution for all our clients. However, there are some common rules for all cleaning services, such as vacuuming, stain treatment, mould remediation etc. We offer the following fabric sofa cleaning services Melbourne.    

    Linen Sofa Cleaning

    It is the most useful fabric for residential and commercial purposes. It endures spills and dirt more than any other fabric. Experts use non-chemical ingredients to clean this material.

    Nylon Upholstery Cleaning

    Nylon is a scratch-safe material, which ensures the buyers are getting the full value of their investment. You should hire a professional cleaning company to preserve the quality of your fabric furniture.

    Silk Upholstery Cleaning

    It is a delicate fibre that can be damaged easily, so you should apply a customised cleaning procedure for silk upholsteries. Experts use detergents and dryer tools to complete chemical-free cleaning.


    Cotton Couch Cleaning

    Cotton is a durable material, and we use different disinfectants to recover the material after damage. Dirt and stains can be easily removed from cotton materials.

    Indian Cotton Upholstery Cleaning

    Indian cotton is famous for its print and designs. The cleaning method is tough if compared to other materials because it poses a risk of unnecessary damage.

    Wool Funiture Cleaning

    It is a stain prone material. It needs regular maintenance. The spills and stains are hard to remove. If you face any issues, please consult with an expert now.


    Micro Suede Couch Cleaning

    It is a water repellent material but more susceptible to stains. We apply certified detergent to remove stains from microsuede furniture. It is suitable for your commercial lounge.

    Mock Suede Sofa Cleaning

    Mock suede furniture is a great addition to your property. You should not keep it under direct sunlight because it fades quickly. Get technical advice from a mock suede cleaning company.

    Viscose Couch Cleaning

    It is a low-cost fabric material, but it seems like a silk item. You can treat this material from the comfort of your home with DIY solutions. Even with extensive cleaning, it holds the dye without fading.


    You can choose any of these services or call us for an inspection. We will assess the situation and provide the best solution that ensures 100% customer satisfaction and green-certified cleaning solutions. 

    What to Expect from Us? 

    It is necessary to keep your residential and commercial premises organised and dirt free. It can be difficult to concentrate on work if a premise is dirty, it is always better to hire an expert and schedule a cleaning service. You can expect the following things from a fabric and leather lounge cleaning Melbourne service provider.  

    • They try to return the fabric and colour to the near original state.  
    • Eco-friendly service and green-certified solution.  
    • Insurance and certification.  
    • Reasonable prices and reliable service.  

    Fabric and Couch Cleaning Cost in Melbourne 

    Many people think professional fabric and leather sofa cleaning Melbourne services are expensive, and that is why they hesitate to book services when their furniture demands advanced cleaning and repairing. It is not true all the time because the price depends on several factors, such as:  

    • The number of upholsteries and sofas,  
    • The size of these sofas.   
    • Fabric material, quality and extent of the damage.  

    However, there are several other factors that will influence the actual cost, but we do not have any hidden charges. All our services and pricing are transparent to our customers, ensuring an affordable price range for all our services.  

    Why Should You Hire Our Services?  

    We are ready to offer you a fabric couch cleaning service under the guidance of qualified technicians and experts. Our firm is certified, and you will get diversified cleaning services under one roof.   

    1. Best Cleaning Service 
    2. 24/7 Service
    3. Removing the Toughest Stains
    4. Experienced Professionals
    5. Reasonable Pricing

    Do you want to get the best fabric couch cleaning Melbourne service in your locality? You can compare our services with others and read our customers’ reviews, and if you are satisfied, please do not hesitate to call us directly +61488846853 to book an appointment. We are open 24/7, and our professionals will arrive at your location within a few hours of booking.